14 Jun 2018

a poem of love and loss

When did this civil war begin
inside my own home?
What caused these toxic seeds
to be sown
that equate self-worth with dimensions?
That suffocate and taunt with physical conventions?
Who started this vicious rumour that the curve of my stomach
was something to fear?
That the crest of my breasts
was never to appear?
The light lies within, not on the surface,
but society has exorcised it for a new purpose.


  1. Hi Kitty you have thought long and hard on this I am sure, you are experiencing the same internal wars we all do. You are brave to post it and let others in - long may the light shine within us all. Love you xxx

  2. Thank you Jill, love you too xxxx

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  4. Beautiful and unnerving. Society and our image of ourselves is so tightly interwoven. Somehow we need to find a way to be more supportive of each other and less judgemental, to help people see the beauty in who they are. To Be or To Have by Erich Fromm explores this but we have to teach the next generations how to cope in the world of social media and ever rising expectations. Parents, family and teachers all have a key part to play....


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